b. 1986, HK.


Bash is a wedding + event design company + bridal boutique located in the gorg' little city of bozeman, mt. 

bash strives to create radical events that will be the talk of the town and your circle of family + friends for years to come.  they also hope to dress you in a way that represents your personal style [whether that be modern, boho or traditional] while keeping it unique + fresh. 

kait + rachel created bash out of their obsession for funky, non-traditional, bash's. they strive to create an experience that you haven't seen yet. (we'll beat pinterest to it!) 

did we mention we travel and love ourselves a good destination wedding? contact us to learn more-- we can't wait to bash with you!

Kait [Creative Director] on Left; Rach [Director of Operations] on Right // Kait Likes beets, Rach likes beef. Kaits from the beaches of San Diego, Rach from a Ranch in Montana. Kait likes design, travel, surfing + skiing while Rach loves dance, reading, football + baking. Kait would rather be in Kathmandu, Nepal + Rach in Hanalei Bay, Kauai. Kait loves contemporary + authentic design and Rach prefers antique + eclectic looks. Although on paper they seem like polar opposites, as a team they jive like chips + guac.