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Alright friends, sick [so pardon the mumbling] at home so I thought I'd get up to date on the blog. I'm so excited to share this one today because Katie and Brian are some of the best people ever. To preface-- I'm not playing favorites. It's like when you ask your parents who their #1 child is they say they could never choose. And neither can we for our clients and weddings, they're all so different in their own ways. BUT, I will say, Katie and Brian's wedding was the most unique one we've ever done as we did it PRO bono, free, no dinero... you get the point. So did some of the vendors as well... keep reading. 


I had this concept swirling in my head for a while to provide a 'free' [meaning BASH didn't charge them a dime] wedding a year to clients that were open to handing over reigns in areas and letting us creators create on the day. For Katie and Brian's wedding, we utilized talents of so many to create a beautiful look [my husband was the moss and rock forager for the ceremony and took his job V seriously, HA]. Upon arrival, we didn't have an exact ceremony location, no formal 'plan' for the look and feel of it-- just free flowed and created based on the day and spaces available. Don't get me wrong, I love an INCREDIBLY METICULOUS, DETAILED, and uber calculated plan 99% of the time, but it was great to have the opportunity to mix it up! Katie and Brian have a similar aesthetic to us, are open, free spirits and most of all, wanted to provide a good time for their guests. 


They held the wedding at Holland Lake Lodge  and did a whole weekend buyout of the venue to provide an adult summer camp vibe for their guests [the majority of them flew in from California and New York]. So fun, right? PS-- we got the invite ;) 


Among the others that offered pro bono services for this wedding were Sue from Wildblume , Collette from BonTempsCollective and Shawny from Shine Bozeman . All images via Pascal Shirley, a friend of the bride and grooms from California. We're hoping to do more of these and create a more structured approach to how we tackle a pro bono design/production wedding in the future but really we want to provide it to those that might not have the funds to throw at the design components as much, and that's where we come in. PS-- the bride, Katie, made all the macrame pieces for the day. Check out her work at Ward Weaving. Favor wise, we did Palo Santo bundles for each guest wrapped with vellum name tags from Bon Temps Collective. If you made it this long reading, cheers to you! Check out a few more photos of Camp Katie and Brian below. 


 Best ceremony exit ever complete with the grooms gift to the bride-- a shiny new canoe! 

Best ceremony exit ever complete with the grooms gift to the bride-- a shiny new canoe!